NYSC- Best States In Nigeria For Posting And Their Official Allowances

National Youth Service Corp, which was founded in 1973, was originally meant as a way for young people to develop the feeling of unity, dignity, and patriotism for their country. Years later, it is still helping Nigerian youths form a sense of unity and do important work for the sake of their country, while learning a lot of new useful information about Nigerian history and various cultures. To this day, NYSC is considered to be the official next step in most young people’s life and holds a significant place in the Nigerian culture.
For now, let us have a look at the rating of the best states in Nigeria for National Youth Service Corp, according to people’s choice:
  1. Lagos State
  2. Ogun State
  3. Plateau
  4. Akwa Ibom
  5. Enugu
  6. Rivers State
  7. Cross River
  8. Osun State
  9. Niger State
Apart from the most comfortable states, you will probably be interested in the list of states that pay the most money to NYSC members. Here is the list with the official salaries in 15 states:
  1. Lagos State (₦15,000. The corp members who work in ministry receive ₦10,000. Those who serve in hospital institutions can get ₦5,000)
  2. Ebonyi State (₦15,000)
  3. Akwa Ibom (₦10,000)
  4. Enugu State (₦10,000)
  5. Sokoto (₦4,000. People serving in the state hospital institutions can get ₦9,000)
  6. Niger State (₦6,000)
  7. Delta State (₦5,000)
  8. Ekiti State (₦5,000)
  9. Kano State (₦5,000)
  10. Ogun State (₦5,000)
  11. Osun State (₦5,000)
  12. Abia State (₦5,000)
  13. Jigawa State (₦5,000)
  14. Oyo State (₦3,800)
  15. Cross River State (₦3,090)
  16. Bayelsa State (₦3,000)
  17. Zamfara State (₦3,000)
Whether you are a graduate browsing the Internet and hoping to find something about NYSC service, or a graduate’s parent who is trying to cover all the information about the child’s future steps, we are hoping the information about the best states for NYSC posting was useful for you. We wish you luck and success as you begin your NYSC and we hope you are able to end up in the right state.
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