Just in: N-power releases break-down on how 2017 applicants were selected

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N-power releases break-down on how 2017 applicants were selected. N-power, the federal government employment scheme for youths has on Thursday, November 23 released the breakdown on how 2017 applicants were selected. 
The N-power, on Monday, November 20 released steps in which candidates can check their pre- selection status and many candidates have demanded to know the criteria in which the selection were made. The N-power released the break-down on their Facebook page and it read in full: The 2017 Application
The N-Power programme commenced in 2016. The first 200,000 N-Power beneficiaries were selected from 350,000 Graduate applications.
N-power releases break-down on how 2017 applicants were selected
In 2017, the N-Power portal opened up for Graduate applications on the 13th of June. Applications received were 403% more than the Graduate applications received in 2016. As at the time, the application process closed in July 27th, 2017, 2,543,079 people had applied for the N-Power Graduate Programmes. In 2017, N-Power is committed to improving on the lessons learnt in 2016. To avoid some payment issues that plague(d) the 2016 beneficiaries, the BVN validation stage was introduced. Here, applicants whose names didn’t match their BVN were precluded from proceeding to the Assessment Test phase stage. 2,258,266 people scaled through the BVN validation stage. They were consequently invited to proceed to the Assessment Test Phase. 1,746, 454 people honoured that invitation. 
In selecting the 300,000, we took the following into consideration 1. BVN Validation and Online Assessment 2. Achieving equity 3. Linking selection to population using Federal Constituencies 4. Addressing Demand Distribution of Unemployed Graduates 5. Taking into account, Deployment/Utilization issues from 2016 6. Correcting Deployment/Utilization challenges among 2016 N-Power beneficiaries 7. Rural-Urban Distribution Balance. Priority was given to the Rural Areas especially N-Agro applicants 8. Programme Allocation – Teach/Agric/Health 300,000 have been pre-selected for the physical verification stage. Applicants and the General Public must note that pre-selection does not equate final selection.
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