5 things Lecturers Strongly Dislike About Students

5 things lecturers dislike
Sometimes when this happens, students complain about the lecturer getting angry and and storming out of the lecture room. You all know our Nigerian lecturers don't take nonsense.
Lecturers are human, they can get angry about certain things when they see one. Some students attitudes in the lecture room could make a lecturer have a bad day and this could spell failure for the students if the lecturer is an unforgiving type.

So, as students, you need to know what a certain lecturer accepts in his lecture room but generally, Nigerian lecturers in Universities and Polytechnics don't like students to do these five things in their class.

Asking question to outshine the lecturer:

Lecturers encourage students to ask questions as many as possible. This surely helps the lecturer to bond with the students and get to know the brilliant ones.
However, when a student begins to ask endless questions that have little or nothing to do with the topic just to show he knows some things, the Nigerian in the lecturer might be evoked and the student would find himself in soup not because the student is curious but because his questions appear to disgrace the lecturer.

Deceiving the lecturer you grasp all he says:

When a lecturer stands in front of the classroom teaching, he at the same time looks out for feedback cues. He looks for students who nod their heads to show they understand all he's been saying.
The lecturer may, however, get mad at head nodders if he asks a question about the topic he has been discussing for an hour and they can't provide an answer.

Yawning to tell the lecturer you are tired

Yawning to tell a lecturer you are tired of his lecture is one of the academic sins lecturers don't take lightly. It literally means the yawning student says the lecturer is boring and his time is up.
Lecturers hate to have this kind of feedback from students because it makes them feel their presence in the lecture room is useless.


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