Registration Procedures For Newly Admitted Student Fed Poly Nas


                                     HERE ARE  NECESSARY  PROCEDURES FOR REGISTRATION 

  • Print your Admission letter from your account on the school portal 
  • Attach all necessary documents(credentials)
  • Go to the School Administrative Block for some signing
  • After that you head to your designated department 
  • After which you go to the school bursar for some signing 
  • Then you go to the School Micro-Finance bank to pay your School Fees
ALSO READ:Important Notification to All Newly Admitted Student of Fed Poly Nas.

With this few procedures mentioned above it you are guaranteed of an-itch free Registration

NB: This registration must be done by the Applicant itself and it must be done in the school 
        Make Sure you Dress Moderate and politely else you will be harassed by the school security.
        You Are to Come Along with N2000. but we Advise you come with more than that.

For any question leave a comment below we will try our best to see to it.

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