Certificate Verification For Those That Finish School Between 1996-2016

Federal Goverment of Nigeria
All Universities are making strategic decisions on how to differentiate themselves in an ever-competitive market and as such, many are focusing on bold enhancements and extensions to their entire human resources and employee quality as a primary differentiator through verifying the authentication of their staff qualifications.
Degree fraud is a serious and costly problem for employers. A degree education is valuable to employers and employees so, in a climate of extreme competition for employment, it is not surprising to note the attitude of job seekers regarding their CVs and job applications.

Policy Purpose

This policy outlines arrangements to ensure the qualifications and required professional memberships/certifications/accreditations claimed by existing and prospective staff members in Nigeria are verified and collected.

 Application of Policy

The University is required to verify and collect certified copies of the following qualifications and professional memberships/certifications/accreditations of existing and/or prospective staff members:
  • Qualifications specified as essential criterion for an advertised and/or vacant position;
  • All qualifications claimed as being held by a staff member; and,
  • All required professional memberships/certifications/accreditations.
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