CAMPUS HUSTLER! Meet Alex Kawooya, the MAK student running a primary school for better education in Luweero

With many youth choking on unemployment today, venturing in a kind of business that’s far from their professions of qualification has become a common tale, some youths have managed to maneuver through the unemployment dilemma and make a fortune for them selves through this.
Today’s campus hustler segment brings you Alex Kawooya a.k.a “Borntowin” the MD Green Pastures Nursery and Primary school located in Luteete, Kalagala- Luweero district. Alex is a finalist at Makerere university, a General Duties minister at the statistics school, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in quantitative economics.
Kawooya who happens to be coming from a humble religious family says his start up wasn’t a simple one like any other person who has done business would testify. He collected his startup capital from the small retail tomato farming business that he used to engage in together with his family back then.
“I started up in 2012 with small temporary structures, wooden of course with the school consisting of just two classes situated on a very small piece of land that I acquired from Dad amidst a lot of other challenges.”
But as anyone with a vision Alex says he never gave up for he was really interested in what he was doing.
Currently, the 4-year-old school which he runs has managed to procure more land and now consists of well established buildings nearing completion composed of classes from nursery to Primary seven. The school’s enrollment has graduated from 15 pupils in 2012 to over 200 pupils. It also employs a total of 14 staff members.
“The fact that my home area had few schools that were still not capable of providing a quality education foundation for young people, I thought it best to venture in setting up a primary school,” says Alex.
He continued to explain that he has had interest in education ever since he was a kid, ” I always wanted to be a teacher,  I love the simplicity of being a teacher and the respect it commands from society.”
Through this business, subsidiary projects developed through which Alex has earned money to pay his tuition since 2013. He recalls of how it hadn’t been an easy task but he has miraculously made it to being a finalist today.
The school has also sustained the family financially through employment where his Dad acts as a supervisor/Overseer whenever Kawooya is at campus pursuing his studies. Indeed this is tremendous reaping from his seeds.
Funding is the major challenge resulting from delayed school fees payments. This kind of funding cripples budget implementation as well delaying Teachers’ salaries.
According to Kawooya, big plans are boiling up such as, he plans to set up a boarding facility that will cater for long distance pupils.
“A youth with a vision is a meaningful youth, youth should get out of their comfort zones and do something for them selves” Kawooya’s piece of advice to fellow youth.

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