This is indeed a new dawn at Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa as the Newly Elected SUG President. 
  Comr. Abdulruhim Sunday Oni single handedly renovated some structures in the school premises and upgrading some facilities in the school. Some of the projects done by the President are as follows.
 The school toilets are back in to use, the S.U.G car on road. The new direction agenda of Mr. President Comr.Abdulruhim Sunday Oni A.K.A Aluta Balance sheet has finally complete the half work done by the last S.U.G Administration which is the completion of the school toilets projects, this work was done with the cooperation of the Union committee of welfare which comprises of executive and legislative.                         Yesterday the Union open  the toilets for Nigerian students in FPN to be making use of, they also plan to attach cleaners on each of the toilets so that the place can be  kept clean at any time students want to make use of it which their salary will be paid by the Union monthly. The union car was returned to the campus last Saturday after the serious work done by the mechanic,REMEMBER WE TOLD YOU THE SUG BUSS WAS IN A DILAPIDATED STATE  which all the Union and some of the students that are around where in jubilation, this work was done with the help of Rector Professor. Shettima I.A. he made sure that the Union make use of the little money given to them by him.  
R-L The SUG President with some SUG official standing close to the just repaired SUG bus

One of the SUG official

Student Affairs Block
The President also Renovated the dilapidated student affairs block.               
 Great Nigerian students let us  all join hand and support his excellencency Comr. Abdulruhim Sunday Oni for his good works by making FPN competitive with other schools.
See some photos below;

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